What is skin armor? It’s a gun wrap or pistol wrap.  These wraps are pieces of high quality vinyl that offer protection and the ability to customize the look of your gun. You may have heard of a car or truck wrap, or seen a decked out and designed food truck in your hood….well those are vinyl wraps. And these vinyl wraps can be done on more than just autos….check out the cooler.

Many people, gun owners included, are beginning to realize the additional protective benefits these vinyl wraps offer. Being that gun is a piece of metal, it is susceptible to scratches, dings and knicks. Vinyl can act as a skin armor, protecting the body of your gun.

These pieces of films adhere, kinda like a big sticker, to the surface that you are wrapping, in this case a gun. They will last for quite some time and can easily be removed if you no longer want it on there. It seems they are pretty easy to apply, and that’s what we are going to test out ourselves and share with you.

From our research there are place that can order and apply these skins yourself. We decided to contact a company out of Texas, Phantom Wrapz. We wanted the low down on vinyl films, as well as someone to walk  us thought the process. Although they mainly focus on vehicle wraps, they have several stock vinyls, as well as have been printing out different vinyl skins for us to try out. We want to see the effectiveness while our guns are holstered and how bringing it in and out of the holster wears on the gun, as well as the ease of application and removal. We also want to check out what types of custom colors and designs they can make.

The versatility of vinyl film is pretty amazing. We’ve seen many things wrapped. Often times you can wrap things up your self. Autos are a lot larger and require more detail, which is probably why they are several of these shops opening up. Phantom Wrapz wraps tool boxes. Check them out.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of our trials with these vinyl wraps. If they prove to be as good as they sound, we will share that with you. They are a few places you can order these skins or wraps online. You can also contact Phantom Wrapz if your in the Dallas Fort Worth area and want someone to wrap your gun…or your truck and tool box, for you. These guys are awesome and have been very helpful in answering a lot of my questions. I chose them because I figured that someone that’s been working in the vinyl industry for the length of time they have will provide me with solid details that I can share on William’s Gun Leather.