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I have a dear friend who is just getting into guns.  Although he’s a Colorado native, he only recently has taken an interest in guns and hunting. Probably because he’s been working hard his whole life with his company, Patio Splash. He just opened his third hot tub store in Fort Collins, and finally is about to take some time to himself. Check out some of his tubs at patiosplash.com.

Now let’s get back to the business.

This article is written for him and any newbies out there. It’s a basic overview of the different types of holsters. That way when you get yourself a nice piece of art, you have something to carry it in.

Holsters come in different sizes and can be worn on different areas of the body and can even be carried in a other places other than the body. Holsters are used to offer protection to the gun, and easy access for the gun holder.  We will cover some of the more popular and practical holsters there are.

There are basically four types of holsters. Each one is specific for what the gun will be used for, ex: protection, hunting, etc.

The four types of holsters are:

  1. Duty Holsters (think law enforcement)
  2. Sporting Holsters (think sporting or hunting)
  3. Tactical Holsters (security/military
  4. Concealment Holsters (private individuals to conceal the gun)

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