This post is a few days after the well known Martin Luther King Day. A man that played a very large role in the civil rights movement in the mid 20th century.

With the gun control arguments and controversy, Martin Luther King Day is a day the control advocates get loud. They take the message made by a great man and translate into a reason for anti gun laws for their own agenda. While they have their own right for beliefs, their political agenda, and what they want to happen with guns in society, what they need to keep in mind is that promoting peace and change, does not mean one doesn’t believe in the right to bear arms. Guns do not mean just violence and anti peace.

Peace doesn’t mean that know one can own a gun. Violence should not occer, but it does, and can and will occur even without a firearm.

Martin Luther King himself, in the state of Alabama, applied for the legal right to carry a weapon, a concealed weapon. He was denied this right, but nonetheless he did apply to carry one. A man of peace, powerful leadership, and words that brought about much change, applied for a gun.

So not that does not make him un peaceful or ready for violence. SO although the man is no  longer alive to speak his mind on the matter, to say that his message meant or means we should have anti gun laws, is just not correct.

Making statements that are only made for personal, political or business advancement that do no really hold up with truth, should be considered before spoken.

We are all entitled to our freedom- freedom in many forms.