Birthdays are a great time to celebrate your love for guns or share that love with someone else! Have a friend who has a great gun collection, or simply a single fire arm that they really cherish. Give them something this year for their birthday that really accents their gun like one of our premier leather holsters. If you feel like doing something extra special, take them to the shooting range. The gang here at WGL just spent last Friday at the range with a beloved family member and friend for their 74th birthday. We did it right however and brought all our favorite fire arms to the range in a stretch limousine, brought to you by our friends over at We frequent the range often, but there is nothing like going to the shooting range in a stretch limo. We highly suggest it for any sort of event, party, or special occasion. Since Arizona gets so dang hot you really get too cool down and spread out in the limo. Not to mention you can have a drink in the limo before and after, which actually might have been the real highlight. Regardless if it’s a birthday or just an opportunity to do something different, the shooting range in a limo is a great chance to play with your guns, wear your leather, and have some fun. 

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