More often then not, society tends to think of guns as more of a man carried weapon or firearm. There is much untruth to this. Many woman want to or carry a gun.  So what types of guns are recommended for woman?

This question depends on a couple of things. First, what will the gun be used for? Most times a gun is carried for protection, or as a form of self defense….which is usually why we carry them and practice shooting them.  It is very easy for people to suggest a woman carry a small handgun, but if it is carried for protection let’s make sure it will be capable of doing the job.  A small caliber handgun, what one may suggest for a female, just may not do the job and possibly make a situation work if there is an attacker.

The gun size is a big part of the decision making process. First of all, if you have to carry a concealed weapon, we must make sure the weapon is concealed and not some awkward, obvious bulge.

We suggest two types of guns for a woman, a semi automatic and/or a revolver.  Each have there own pros and cons, pluses and minuses. These advantages and disadvantages will have to be weighed out and taken into consideration at an individual level.

What we suggest is finding a gun that feels good to you. Make sure that if it in possession for self defense, it is able to do the job. Whether you are a novice or a pro in the gun world, choosing the right gun and learning it is necessary.  Don’t get stuck with what someone  may suggest simply because your a female. Know why you will own it and it’s main purpose. Learn how to shoot it, how it feels in your hand, and in the way you carry it.

We suggest heading out and testing some out. Find a shooting range that offers you the option to try out some of there guns, find a few rentals, and practice.  Like anything confidence, practice, and comfort take time and effort to develop.

Remember that finding the right holster that carries the gun and you are able to carry is equally important.

One thing we say, is learn what’s best for you. Think of gun as a piece of clothing. Make sure it fits well, feels good and is right for the occasion.