The Cannon

old-school-cannonThe invention of the cannon dates back hundreds of years ago. This particular cannon that we show is from Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

The cannon was first used in China. It was the first of gunpowder artillery.  A cannon is basically a very large, heavy cylinder that projects some type of ammo. The projectiles from a cannon creates serious damage.

We thought it would be cool to briefly talk about one of the first style of “guns”. A cannon used gun powder, also invented in China.

There are a variety of old guns. Back in the day automatics probably weren’t even thought of. As time has continued on new style guns have emerged. Sometimes if you stop a take a look at what original warfare was, it’s crazy to see how it has changed.

I’ve never personally fired a cannon. But I have a variety of guns. What will there be in another 200 years? Interesting thoughts.