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Crossroads of the West Gun Shows

For those that have not been to a Crossroads of the West Gun Show I highly suggest you check it out. The crew here at Williams Gun Leather had the fortune of checking out the show when they were in Phoenix Arizona this past February. They have one of the largest selections of guns, ammunition, holster, and accessories anywhere in the world. It is a similar effect to a child walking into a Toy’s R Us for the first time, but for adults. The Venue is filled wall-to-wall with premium retailers and offers some of the best prices you can possibly get on top manufactures. The tour has since passed through Arizona, but I know they also tour through California, Nevada and more. If you have the opportunity to check out one of their shows you will surely be amazed, I have attached a video so you can get a visual of what one of these shows is like. Enjoy!


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Keanu Reeves at the shooting range!

Wanted to share something pretty cool we cam across this weekend, Keanu Reeves at the shooting range. There are a ton of action films out there these days with insane gun action. Most of the action can look realistic, but is it all computer animated? Keanu Reeves the one, from the Matrix recently showed that he deserved the credit he got for being Neo in the Matrix. Check out his skills for yourself with this footage of him training for his next upcoming film.

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*New Gun Holster Prints*

We’re adding a couple new prints, and bringing back some older holsters that we have not had in stock for a while. These are just a few of what is to come. Our brand may be aligning with larger name brand manufactures in the near future so stay tuned. We are also looking to add a shopping portal to making ordering more accessible from this site. In the mean time please contact us directly regarding your order. We always appreciate the support and your feedback for us here at Williams Gun Leather.

mini-gun-holster smith&wesson-holsters new-gun-holster-prints new-gun-holsters

If you have any special request or want to hear about what is available in stock for immediate shipping contact us today!

Not All Leather Is Created Equal

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing gun leather. When choosing your gun holster with us or elsewhere make sure you know where the leather came from. There is lot of bad quality leather on the market place that can be mistaken for quality leather to the untrained eye. Most dealers will have proof of where they source the leather and information that you can take with you. Just remember, an informed shopper is a smart shopper. Happy hunting!

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