If you own a firearm, you know that there are many extras or accessories for guns. If you don’t own a gun, you may never think about the extras.  Well if you know anyone that loves their firearms, accessories can make great gifts. Father’s Day is around the corner, so we decided to share a little about what “extra” there is out there for guns.

To start with, if you want to carry a gun, you’ll need a holster. There are all different types of holsters and holsters are made for different guns. Holster, or gun belts, can be made from nylon, plastic, or the classic leather.  A good buddy of mine, Trav, runs a carpet cleaning business, he’s one of the best carpet cleaners in Mesa, as well as makes custom leather holsters and gun boxes.  And these holsters are beauties. Rich in color and customizable. His wood safety and carrying boxes are also made by hand and beauties. For the gun enthusiast, having nice holders and carriers can be very important.  We take pride in our firearms and what they sit in….at least I know many of us do

So we’ve got holsters (great gift idea), carrying/safety boxes, gun cleaners and cleaning kits, grip extensions, pods to hold guns (bipods, tripods), lubricants, and targets.  Of course there are guns parts that can be considered accessories as well.

Just as in anything, some makers of accessories are better than others. Cheap is not always the best way to go with cleaners and gun holding pods. So do a little research. Holsters and grip extensions are one size fits all accessories either. You must know what the gun is to get the right extras.

Of you have aa husband, a wife, a friend, or a relative that takes pride in their firearm, accessories can make great gifts. If one carries a gun unconcealed, a holster is part of the outfit.  Whether you choose simple, or customized high quality leather, the receiver will be happy you thought of them.