We’ve had several people ask us about whether it’s good idea to purchase a new gun or a used gun.  We decided to speak a little on the subject of new vs. used, as far as a gun goes.

New is not always better.  Of course purchasing a brand new piece is always exciting, but not necessary.  As far as cost goes, finding a quality, well taken care of used gun is more cost effective.  Not all guns are created equal…so keep that in mind.

“An older, used, well kept, quality firearm is better than a brand new plastic, cheap firearm.”

Couple of true facts to consider when opting for used.

  • Some firearm manufacturers offer lengthy, if not lifetime warranties.
  • Most used guns have not been shot very often. (they are different than buying a used car, not as many miles.)
  • Depends on gun type and style that you want to buy used. Auto…revolver, what are you looking at.
  • It’s really a personal preference.

I know guys that swear the only way to go is used. They believe you find a good one with a little worn in, even better. They then spend the money they save on another used firearm or more ammo.

Then I know guys that say they will never buy used.  They are the ones that will shoot the first round and break their babies in.

I say buy uses, buy new and see for yourself. I personally think the market for used guys is much larger and if you find a well kept, quality firearm priced right, get it.